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  • Royal Blue Crewneck Sweatshirt

Royal Blue Crewneck Sweatshirt


This photo showcases a striking royal blue crewneck sweatshirt with a bold graphic print on the front. The print features the phrase "FCK PNK" in large, vibrant pink letters, with a smaller subscript that reads "U and I are left out," creating a playful visual pun that excludes the letters U and I from the intentionally misspelled word "PINK." The sweatshirt appears to be made of a cozy, soft fabric, likely cotton or a cotton blend, and suggests a comfortable, relaxed fit with ribbed cuffs and a ribbed hem. This statement piece combines casual comfort, ideal for those looking to add a pop of color and personality to their casualwear collection.

  • - Royal Blue

    - Soft, comfortable cotton fabric perfect for everyday wear.

    - Unique, striking pink that supports awareness

    - Ribbed cuffs and hem for a snug, cozy fit.

    - Hood with drawstrings for adjustable coverage.

    - Kangaroo pocket for convenience and warmth.

    - Unisex design, suitable for all.

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