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28 Days - Do it Scared

In 28 days, I step on stage in the most transparent role ever!

Do it scared, they say; I am doing it terrified!

It is easy for me to hide behind my work by supporting others and their projects, but this time It’s ALL ABOUT ME!

I am known for making others look good; I have even been called ‘the chic that makes things click.”

Who put Baby in the corner?

Can I make myself look good?

Can I have some of that for me?


FCKPNK is Raquel’s personal story; however, it affects people on many levels, covering; mortality, body image, relationships, and mental health. As a mother, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, and an entrepreneur, everyone had their version of me, but did they see me? Did I see myself? The diagnosis, the treatment, and this journey changed my life and saved me.

Beyond becoming a face and a voice for breast cancer awareness, I am creating a movement.

A movement that will provide a platform for survivors, those in treatment, and those who care for and support the cancer community.

Tickets are on sale now!

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